Pacific Cordillera Slim Billfold Wallet

Pacific Cordillera Slim Billfold Wallet


The Pacific Cordillera refers to the Canadian portion of the North American Cordillera, which is a chain of coastal mountain ranges running along the west coast. The inspiration for the Pacific Cordillera pattern came from the panoramic views of never-ending peaks and valleys seen when you’re on top of one of the many mountains that make up the Cordillera range.

The Pacific Cordillera Slim Billfold wallet features four card dividers plus an extra slot on the back to place cards you use all the time; receipts and cash are secured across the middle of the wallet.

All epoché products are made from top grade English Bridle leather and handcrafted in limited edition quantities. This product is made to order and individually handcrafted. Please allow up to 2 to 3 weeks before shipment.

Note: all epoché products are made from screen-printed leather, and therefore each print will vary slightly – every item is unique making it even more special. 

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