North|West Collection


Coastline Pattern

The rippling ribbons of wet sand, tiny colourful pebbles, distant offshore islands and navigational charts were the inspiration behind the Coastline pattern. The northern west coast spends the majority of the year saturated in shades of greys and blues before transforming for a few months during the summer into a glittering gem of every colour. Walking along the endless miles of sand during low tide at any time of the year enlightens the soul and sparks the imagination.


Alpine Snowdrift Pattern

When the seasons begin to change in the alpine, a wonderful display of paradoxical elements is created. Clumps of snow huddle around patches of alpine flowers are creating a beautiful comparison between what was and what is coming. The inspiration for the Alpine Snowdrift pattern came from a late September hike where recent patches of bright white snow huddled sporadically in fields of dark red flowers.

PacificCordellera screenprint.jpg

Pacific Cordillera Pattern

The Pacific Cordillera refers to the Canadian portion of the North American Cordillera, which is a chain of coastal mountain ranges running along the west coast. The inspiration for the Pacific Cordillera pattern came from the panoramic views of never-ending peaks and valleys seen when you’re on top of one of the many mountains that make up the Cordillera range.